Fin Super – Dry Chain Lube

Thanks for choosing Interflon to help with your biking needs, Fin Super contains our unique patented MicPol technology. The micronised and polorised MicPol particles penetrate the links and adhere to the moving parts of your chain leaving a dry film protection that resists water and contaminants, dramatically reducing wear and stretch of your bike chain.

When compared to many of the leading brands it simply out performs and outlasts them. Our 100ml aerosols go a long way and has a mulitude of uses on chains, derailleurs, sprockets and shifters.

More than just a chain lube

Interflon Fin Super is a multi-tool in a can. Look at what James Williams owner and founder of J-Tech Suspension Ltd has to say about our products:

“We’ve been using Interflon products for over 18 months now. At first we were sceptical, thinking it was just another industrial lubrication product trying to be a cycling product. But after some thorough testing both on the dyno and on the trail, we’ve never came across anything as good as their MicPol technology. The biggest issue with MTB suspension is friction between fork stanchions and bushings. With the use of MicPol technology, we’ve seen reductions in friction of up to 13%, in some applications. In every application, be it a suspension product, a chain or even a door handle, we have not come across anything as good. We also use the Fin Clean All2 cleaner in our parts washer. It’s the best we’ve tried, making our job much faster, with better results. Forget about fancy packaging and flash marketing campaigns, Interflon just gets the job done, and gets the job done extremely well!! We won’t be changing to another brand.”

You can find James and his team on their youtube channel J-TECH Suspension & online at

It’s bananas

Or is it mint, well the answer is it is neither. One of the comments we get about using Fin Super is it does not smell fruity, well the truth is it smells of pretty much nothing but unlike other brands who use aromas to make their lube smell nice we just we use the right ingredients to ensure your bike suffers from less wear and tear and is always in top condition.

Why not give us a try and see for yourself, visit our shop by clicking here and look at what we currently have available for you.