About Us

So, you are into cycling and are now wondering who and why are Interflon offering products to help keep your bike in top performing condition.

Here is a little background on who we are and how we have ended up here. Interflon operates in over 50 countries, servicing over 135,000 clients in a multitude of different industries with the main purpose of providing innovative lubrication solutions to help reduce energy costs and down-time.

Industries best kept secret is now out, and we are here with our unique selection of lubrication products to help keep your ride moving.

Have a quick look at the video below for a quick explanation on what sets us head and shoulders above the competition.

Interflon UK Ltd Company number: 03547778 operate under a distributors licence from Intrerflon B.V.

Micpol® & Interflon® or registered Trademarks of Interflon B.V.