“We’ve been using Interflon products for over 18 months now. At first we were sceptical, thinking it was just another industrial lubrication product trying to be a cycling product. But after some thorough testing both on the dyno and on the trail, we’ve never came across anything as good as their MicPol technology. The biggest issue with MTB suspension is friction between fork stanchions and bushings. With the use of MicPol technology, we’ve seen reductions in friction of up to 13%, in some applications. In every application, be it a suspension product, a chain or even a door handle, we have not come across anything as good. We also use the Fin Clean All2 cleaner in our parts washer. It’s the best we’ve tried, making our job much faster, with better results. Forget about fancy packaging and flash marketing campaigns, Interflon just gets the job done, and gets the job done extremely well!! We won’t be changing to another brand.” James Williams – J-Tech Suspension Ltd.

“Have used Interflon fin super on my road bike for a week now and very impressed. It’s gone through one extreme to another, from 30 degrees sunshine to monsoon summer rain on Saturday and the rain all week. Chain still feels like new, looking like a good all weather chain lubricant.”
Peter Shipton – LinkedIn

“Back to school today! A visit from @interflonuk and a lesson in chemistry against leading brand greases and lubes! Their dry lube #finsuper is amazing. Also with the help of #interflonuk there may be something new on the horizon, watch this spaceā€¦” @tch_cycleworks

“Tonight’s quiet smooth shifting was brought to you by @interflonuk. Shame my riding wasn’t as quiet and smooth.” @whirlwindweg

“Go down to your local bike shop and grab yourself @interflonuk bike chain lubricant IT IS A MUST HAVE It’s amazing on chains and has many other usages. ” @dhtimes

“Banger of a ride today in the swamp/river that is #guisborough. Crisp, smooth shifting all day long thanks to @interflonuk #micpol, well impressed. @jezfounde

“Ran @interflonuk lube tonight and it’s a thumbs up, smooth gear changing all night in the slop too.” @robertesalmon

“Check out @interflonuk new bike website bike.interflon.live to find your nearest stockist. The Fin Super chain lube is by far the best I have used.” @mtbtraillife365