Pro Bike Kit


Pro kit includes: -Interflon Fin Super Chain Lubricant 300ml & 50ml dropper -Interflon Assembly Grease 150ml Tube -Interflon Pro Tube Grease Dispenser

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Interflon Pro Bike Kit . Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

Interflon Pro Bike Kit Contents:

  • Interflon Pro Size Fin Super 300ml & Travel Size 50ml dropper Chain Lubricant
  • Interflon Assembly Grease 150ml Tube
  • Interflon Pro Grease Tube Dispenser
  • Interflon Metal Clean F


Fin Super 300ml Pro Workshop & 50ml Trail size

Fin Super is unlike anything you’ve ever tried on your chain before. We can say this with confidence, because it’s the only product on the market with MicPol®, a unique solid-lubricant technology with micronized and polarized particles. Fin Super goes on as a wet spray that dries quickly to form a clear, solid film. It repels water and dirt, and it will prolong the life of your chain by amounts you never thought possible.

  • Chains
  • Headsets
  • Dropped Posts
  • Pivot bearings & Bushes (Sealed Bearings)
  • Derailleurs & Chain Guides
  • Cables & Levers
  • Seized Bolts
  • Rust Remover

Interflon Assembly Grease 150ml Tube

Prevents fretting and corrosion. Highly resistant to moisture, (salt)water, acid media, high pressure and atmospheric effects. Very low friction coefficient even at high pressure. Protects against corrosion & tribocorrosion. Difficult to wash off in wet conditions and extremely resistant to contamination due to the patented MicPol technology additive. Safe for light alloys.

Interflon Pro Tube Dispenser (For use with Interflon Assembly Grease)

Quality precision tool for lubrication of screw threaded parts, pin-bush connections, bearings or other applications that needs a precise amount of lubricant or paste. Easy lubrication in narrow places, precise lubrication saving waste of grease (0.25 gram per pump). Reduces risk of contamination which can happen when using open pots of grease. Made from high quality metal parts & precision milled metal components.

Interflon Metal Clean F

Powerful, readily biodegradable food grade (NSF-H1) cleaning and degreasing agent. Incorporating a powerful spray jet means dirt and grease in hard to reach places is easily removed.

Everything needed to keep you ride lubricated and in race ready condition.