Sponsored Teams


We at interflon believe in investing in the future and that includes supporting young athletes in becoming the champions of tomorrow.

Sponsoring JRC allows us to contribute to the development of aspiring young cycling champions while also give them acccess to our own line of high-performance lubricants, cleaners, and other products designed to maximize performance and longevity of their bikes.

we hope supporting the next generation of cycling talent will fully demonstrate our commitment to the sport and prove ourselves as a dependable member of the cycling community.

Saint Piran

We proudly sponsor the Saint Piran cycling team, showcasing what our products can do to help professional cyclists reach thier best with no obstacles.

As a leader in high-performance lubricants and maintenance solutions, we want to share our industry leading products among cycling enthusiasts, ensuring they have the best for their bikes.

Through this partnership we are honoured to engage with a dedicated and passionate audience and, develop our products for real-world cycling conditions to meet the requirements of all cyclists while contributing to the development of the sport and, foster talent within the community.

Join us on this journey as we ride alongside the Saint Piran team, embodying resilience, teamwork, and the pursuit of success.